About Us

Khan Chacha

In early 60s Haji Banda Hasan came to Delhi from Saharanpur (UP) and met Haji Yusuf at Jama Masjid, which was famous for its food culture.  He learnt here how to make Kebabs, Parantha, Halwa and traditional Muslim food.In 1972 Haji Banda Hasan came to Khan Market. With a modest shop he  became very popular  as  ‘KHAN CHACHA’  among students and youngsters. Mashallah   ‘KHAN CHACHA’  has become a legacy now.

Javed & Saleem

Haji Banda Hasan has three daughters and two son – Mohammad Javed and Mohammad Saleem.Mohammad Saleem completed his studies in 2000 & joined his father  to learn making Kebab and foods.Mohammad Javed also completed his studies and joined his father ‘s work in 2005. Mashallah with the ideas & contribution from both the brothers– this is second generation who is continuing this legacy.


Navneet Kalra

In 2010, they met Navneet Kalra (Dayal Opticals). With his vast experience in marketing and management he offered a very nice project to Khan Chacha and his sons which was appreciated and executed.  Alhamdulillah – They have five restaurants in Delhi and NCR at CP, Select City walk Mall Saket, Galleria Market (Gurgaoun) and Club road Punjabi Bagh (W). And, February 2010 – they all started their own restaurant with music and TV in Khan Market.